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To make your website better, it's important to make it load faster because this keeps visitors around longer, and they won't leave as quickly.

To Improve Search Engine Ranking

Boosting your website’s visibility and climbing the search engine rankings requires successful SEO strategies.

wordpress speed optimization seo service benefits

To Enhance Performance

Speed optimization ensures your website performs well, preventing any loss of traffic.

Enhance Performance with speed optimization service

Higher Conversions

Faster-loading pages also boost trust and credibility, leading to higher conversion rates as visitors are more likely to complete desired actions.

Higher conversion rate

To Increase Sales

Improved speed and performance enhance the website’s first impression, leading to increased sales.

To Better User Experience

In today’s digital landscape, the paramount importance of prioritizing the speed and performance of a website cannot be overstated. In this fast-paced era, user experience hinges significantly on seamless and swift interaction with online platforms. Ensuring optimal website speed and performance meets and exceeds user expectations, contributing to an enhanced and satisfying browsing experience. This proactive approach aligns with contemporary technological expectations and establishes a foundation for sustained user engagement and loyalty.

user experience

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Speed Optimization Features

There is some important features which are playing vital role for the speed optimization which can help to speed up for a website and the website will run without any disturbance

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a crucial aspect of web development and digital content creation.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a crucial aspect of software development and system management.

Database Optimization

Database optimization is a critical aspect of improving the performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Server Optimization

Server optimization is a critical task for ensuring that your servers run efficiently, deliver good.

Code & Script Opt.

Code and script optimization is a critical aspect of software to faster execution development.

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network is a distributed network of servers strategically placed in data .

Why We are Best in Optimization

We always tried to improve the quality of a website page speed and user can browse the website without any interruption.

  • Client-Centric Focus

    Our track record speaks for itself. We've consistently delivered remarkable results for our clients.

  • 100% Safe & Secure

    Its absolutely safe and risk free and site will be optimized without any hampering of functionalities.

  • Year of Experienec

    We have 5+ years experience in this service and have done optimization for so many websites and continues.

Choose Your Best Plan

We have been offerings most affordable pricing plan for this service where our clients can choose their service according to their website volume and their pricing ability.



$80/ per site Buy Now
Included Services
  • 1-2 sec Load time on Gtmetrix
  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 70+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix
  • Audit Database & Plugins
  • For Websites with upto 25 plugins
  • 24/7 days support



$120/ per site Buy Now
Included Services
  • 1 sec Load time on Gtmetrix
  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Audit Database & Plugins
  • Audit Caching Plugin
  • For Websites with upto 35 plugins
  • 24/7 days support



$220/ per site Buy Now
Included Services
  • Less than 1 sec Load time on Gtmetrix
  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Audit Full Site To Optimize
  • Extensive database clean-up
  • Audit Cache Plugins & Cleanup Caches
  • 24/7 days support

Collaborating with the EgensLab team was truly fantastic. They swiftly addressed my issue, always responding promptly. Their support didn't stop after the work was done, and I'm highly impressed. I look forward to optimizing all my websites with their help. Excited to share that my website is now scoring remarkably well on both GT Metrix and Google Insights!

Software Engineer

These guys are truly amazing, offering great value for money without a doubt. My website is now incredibly fast, and when Google catches on, it's bound to boost my SEO ranking tremendously. I have no doubt it will generate more sales, as the website is now instantaneous. Can't thank you enough!

Ben Morad
SEO Manager

After years of working on client SEO, I can confidently say this is the best solution for speeding up WordPress sites! Achieving the highest scores on Google Insights and GTMetrix, coupled with lightning-fast load times, makes it absolutely awesome!

Software Developer


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100% Money Back Guarentee (In 07 Days)

A "100% Money Back Guarantee" is a commitment made by a business or service provider to refund the entire amount a customer paid for a product or service if the customer is not satisfied or if certain conditions are not metTypically, a money-back guarantee comes with specific terms and conditions that customers must meet to qualify for a refund. These conditions may include a specific time frame for requesting a refund, proof of purchase, or meeting certain criteria.

Md. Shafiqul Islam
CEO & Founder

Frequently Asked Question

Here is some important question about this service which are frequently asked.

Several factors can impact website speed, including large image files, excessive HTTP requests, unoptimized code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), server response times, and the use of resource-heavy plugins or scripts.

Browser caching involves storing static resources (like images, CSS, and JavaScript) locally on a user's device after their first visit to a website. This allows subsequent visits to load these resources from the cache, reducing server load and speeding up page load times.

A CDN is a network of servers located in various geographical locations. It stores cached copies of your website's static assets. When a user accesses your site, the CDN serves these assets from a server closest to them, reducing latency and speeding up load times.

You can set expiration dates for resources in your website's headers to instruct the user's browser to cache them. This way, when users revisit your site, their browsers can load these resources from the cache, reducing load times.

Yes, excessive third-party scripts (like analytics trackers, social media widgets) can slow down your website. Prioritize essential scripts and consider using asynchronous loading to prevent them from blocking the rendering of your page content.

Website speed optimization is crucial because it directly impacts user experience and engagement. Faster-loading websites provide better user satisfaction, lower bounce rates, and increased conversion rates. Additionally, search engines like Google consider speed as a ranking factor, influencing your site's visibility and organic traffic.

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