Chat GPT is currently one of the popular media AI Chatbot. Actually, it is now the most powerful artificial intelligence bot. It is now using in everywhere in a vast way. This AI is helping people in a very smooth way and giving the best solutions for any problems.

In this blog, we will discuss its impact, its usage and its advantage or disadvantage and also how it can help people.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence Chabot which helps people to get the most appropriate solutions to their problems. Basically, it is a pre-trained generative transformer that can human thoughts and gives the most correct solutions to their problems in the most understandable way.

It can help us in a vast way like Translating, Code writing or Debugging, Helping with studies or projects and suggestions and many more solutions or suggestions for almost every problem.

How It Helps Us

As Chat GPT is pre generative transformer bot so it can help us in almost every possible way. So how it could help us lets describe clearly.

It can help us like this way-

  • Suggesting any kind of asking problems.
  • Helping any web development-related problems- Coding, Debugging and more.
  • Help to make preparations for studies.
  • Writing any kind of content.
  • Giving any kind of historical information.

These are just overviews of the helping sector of Chat GPT but there are many more things that can help Chat GPT. It can give a clear solution to any problem by understanding human thoughts.

Pros of Chat GPT

As we know Chat GPT is a pre-trained generative transformer chatbot so it has a huge advantage to use, let’s have a look at the pros of this AI-

  1. Firstly you get any kind of answer to your questions instantly.
  2. When for asking any questions Google suggest you to a list of website here Chat GPT will give a direct answer to your questions
  3. It is now proven that it is a less time-consuming thing where you can get your solutions in a very quick time.
  4. It is very effective and highly efficient for any person or any kind of company if it can use in a proper way.
  5. As it is pre-trained AI so it can do natural conversations and it can understand human behavior so it is very easy to use.
  6. It can give the most appropriate answer to any question which is very effective for anyone.
  7. This chatbot can provide personalized answers to questions so most the user can get unique solutions in a different way.
  8. It’s free to use so there is a cost issue for using it.

There are many more advantages of Chat GPT, here we just focusing on the key factors of this.

Cons of Chat GPT

In spite of having a huge advantage, there are also some cons of this AL. Good to see these points-

  1. Despite giving answers to almost every question it has some limitations means it can’t provide some solutions.
  2. Though it saves time but it also hampering the creativity of people.
  3. Getting solutions from it easily people may lose their interest in hard-working.
  4. In the future, it can be proved to be a threat for reducing the thinking capabilities of anyone.
  5. As it gives solutions from its data most of the time we don’t justify those answers are wrong or right or inappropriate.
  6. The most important point of these cons is it can slowly destroy human intelligence if people will more dependable on it instead of using their abilities.

Here discussed about most effective cons of Chat GPT. There is a possibility to get more cons from it which can create problems in future.


So, In the end, we can say Chat GPT is impactful and efficient and there is no doubt in spite of having some advantages and disadvantages it is a revolutionary thing for humans but we all should keep in mind that we should not dependable on it, Yes we can take help from it but we should believe in our thinking capabilities, our human intelligence and our hard-working mentalities. We should always keep remembering that there is no AI or chatbot is bigger than human intelligence.