Now days tour and tourism business is one of the most popular businesses. People around the world are traveling every day somewhere for different purposes. Especially in vacation time. At that time people prefer to travel to various places with their families or with their friends. For this purpose, there is a huge of travel agencies to help them to manage their travels. So travel agencies have huge importance to organize the travels and tour plans for the people and for this reason they need a good and well designed and well-organized website with advanced features so that they easily attracted and convinced the travelers.

Astrip is that kind of theme that can help the travel agencies to create their website on it and manage their tours management which can help to move forward the business.

Introduction of Astrip

So basically Astrip is a WordPress theme for tour and tourism businesses. It is made for travel agencies or tour companies. This theme has added the most advanced features according to the current age demand and for this reason, it is the most compatible theme nowadays. This theme contains-

  • Inventory Management System
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Tour Booking System and Management
  • Woo-Commerce Integrated
  • Easy Payment Gateway System
  • SEO Optimized

There are more features are there which can create a huge impact in any agency setting up their site based on this theme.

How It Can Create an Impact on Your Tour Agencies Site

This theme has all the potential to create an impact for any site. The features of this theme are so modernized that it can easily relate to the business. Let’s see how you can use a theme with these features-

 1. Inventory Management System– By using an inventory management system you can manage all the tour bookings and activities very easily which can create a good impact on your site as it very essential for managing all the tour activities very smoothly.

2. Tour Package Management System- In this theme, there is added Tour package feature so you can set up your packages according to your facilities and offer to travelers in a very friendly way.

3. Advance Filtering System with AJAX- There is added advanced filtering system which is made with help of AJAX and this system will be very effective for your site as the traveler can filter their tour plans with the help of this filtering system.

4. Tour Booking System and Management- There you can implement the tour booking system from where you can manage your tours. In this theme there is a check-in and check-out module with custom dates and also have specific person selection system like the Adult or Children feature so by implementing this feature you can easily manage your tours.

5. Woo-Commerce Integrated- The most important thing of this theme is it has integrated Woo-Commerce from which you can easily manage your tours and payments for the tours.

6. Easy Payment Gateway System- As in this theme WooCommerce has integrated so you set any kind of payment method as you want which makes your site payment system smoother.

7. Support any Plugins- This theme can support almost every plugins and especially those plugins which make your site more flexible and reliable. Just like if you install a live chat plugin you can chat with your customers instantly and get in touch every time. 

8. SEO Optimized- This theme is completely SEO friendly and for this reason your site can be at the top of every search engine.

9. Impressive Design Quality- The design quality of this theme is very impressive and attractive. The Home pages and inner pages are very well designed and well organized specially the tour destinations and tour package sections which will make your site more worthy.

10. Easily Customizable- This theme is very easy to customize as it can customize by both Elementor and from the theme options. So you can easily customize it on your own and add features or offers according to your facilities.

11. Rating and Review System- There is added the rating and review system for a tour so by adding this feature to your site you can learn the result of your completed tours.

There are more features in this theme like- Blog features, Account features etc and these features can make your site more attractive and more impactful.

How can it add advantages to your site

It can be added huge advantage for your site and your tour agency business if you used this theme for your site. Let’s see some key points of how it can give advantages-

  • First wonderfully designed home page and inner pages with the latest features which can easily attract visitors.
  • People can find the Destinations, Tour Plans and Tour packages easily which can easily convince them to take the service from it.
  • It has added the latest features for planning a tour so people can easily relate to this.
  • For Agencies, they can easily customize it and add their features as per their facilities so it is very much comfortable for both users and visitors.
  • As it is absolutely SEO friendly so it can help you to show your site is always on the top in every search engine and it can add a huge avenge for our site.


So in the end, this theme has all the potential to take the Travel Agency business much ahead. It can help to present the tour business in a very effective manner so that anyone can easily relate to this. So it is highly recommended to Travel agencies to use this theme for their business.