In current days UI/UX design is the most important part of web development. A good UI design can help to create the best website template for the users. But there is also important to focus on the UX also where users can easily understand the mechanism of the template.

For creating a good or best UI design there are some elements that need to be focused on during designing. In this article we will discuss those elements for creating the best design. 

Let’s have a look what are those essential things for creating the best UI/UX design-


Proper Research

It is important that whenever selecting a topic for design there should be proper research about that topic. To get a clear idea about selected topics lots of websites can help to get the proper visuals. There are also some renowned online marketplaces where daily uploaded newly designed templates or themes from where you can get a proper idea about creating a design.


Ideal Sketching

After proper research of the design subject there is a need for a sketching of the design so that there can set a roadmap for which contents will be there. An ideal sketching of the design can make the design procedure very much easy for the designer. 



Implementations Of The Contents Properly

Once sketching of the design has been done there is very much necessary to focus on the implementations of the contents as per the sequences and stand there logically. Mismatch of the sequences or setting up irrelevant content could be a reason for the failure. So there is needed to be very careful about the contents and their sequences so the user can easily relate to the design. 

Now you have to see which things need to be focused for maintaining to create a qualitiful design.



The Things Need To Focus For Designing

It’s very much important to maintain the balance of the elements which are used during the design. Have a look-

1. Font Combination- Font combination is important for an ideal design. There are many ideal font pairs for creating the best design. It is necessary to maintain the proper font pairs to impress the users.

2. Typography and Visual Hierarchy- Maintaining proper typography is most important for the best quality of design. This can show the amusement of the design which can easily attract the users. Visual Hierarchy is another important thing because the contents and texts need to be readable for the users properly.

3. Choose the Perfect Color Plate-  It is important to choose the perfect color combinations for the related theme. The perfect color combinations with the theme are very much impactful to creating the best design and it’s also important to attract users.




The Reason of Designs Fail and Solutions

There are some points which are the reason for the failure to create qualitiful design. In that case it is very much important to avoid those from failing the design-

i) Image using: Sometimes using bad images with bad placement is the reason of fail of the design. For avoiding this problem there is a need to use high-resolution images with sufficient empty space for placing texts there. 

ii) Color choosing: It’s important to choose the perfect color plate with matches the theme. Choosing the wrong color could be a reason for the design failing. To avoid this problem choose a color plate based on your UI with monochrome, complimentary or analogous palettes.

iii) Heading Issues: There is needed to be careful about giving or placing a heading for a section. Mismatch of the Heading and subheading could be a reason for the failure of the design. 

iv) Using Proper Layout: Using a layout with the proper specification is very much important. It’s hard to move through the layout when everything is way too close and cluttered. So give some breathing room so that reading and understanding can be easier.  

v) Proper Iconography: Icon size in design is a very much important factor. The wrong icon size could be a reason for failing design. So make sure your icons are proper and consistent in style and size. 


So in the end creating the best and most attractive UI design is need to be focused and also important to give attention to UX so that a user can easily attract to the design.