Travel Agency B2B & B2C System web Application

Project Type:

Auction and Bidding

Project Duration:

2 Months

Project Name:

Auction Lab


Project Overview

The making of Auction and Bidding Web Application

Here we will discuss about our auction and bidding template with the features of NFT system. As it has a great demand we were going to make this template and decided to launch it on the market place.

For making this theme first we were  researched with many more related themes and discussed with the team about the future of this theme. Then we created the ui/ux design according to the current age demand with modern features. After completing design we went to the development with different framework. We added modern features and made this template very much catchy. After launching the template in the market place we are requested to add new system like booking features so that it became more worthy. 

Here we have followed some steps from beginning to end of this project-   

What we did?

01. Ui/Ux Design
02. Infrastructure
03. Development
04. Quality Assurance

Work Process

Go through with full research on many more related templates
  • Search various related templates.
  • Sort the best and popular  templates. 
  • Find out the current age demand.
  • Figure out which feature are people like more.
Set plan to create the best UI design with good vibes
  • Here we used Figma software for UI design. 
  • Go through with lot sketching
  • Added the best design features to make it.
  • Use advance tools bar for making it visible
Development of the theme with Backend and Frontend work
  • Developed the theme first on HTML5 version.
  • Then we created it on React JS version.
  • After that we worked on WordPress for this.
  • Finally worked at backend with B2B system
Complete the theme and launching it on market place
  • Did proper inspection in every section.
  • Had proper testing when completed.
  • Create demos and documentation 
  • With proper checking launched it on market. 

Project Challenges

During the project we have faced some challenges but we recovered them with proper discussion, analysis and implementations. Here we faced some challenges during project time-

Summary Results

Though we have faced some difficulties and got some errors during this project but we had finished the project successfully. After launching it on the envato market place we got some request from clients to add some new features and new systems and with the think of their demand we added new features and launched the update version of this travel agency template.  


So this is the end of our project studies. We tried to elaborate about our project how it has made, what difficulties we have faced and how we launched it. Hope this will be a impactful and help to go ahead with other project.